Virtus Oil and Gas 

Virtus Oil and Gas Corporation was established in 2013. Click Above For Additional Information.


Press Releases/Company News

1/30/18 Virtus Unaudited Financials 11-30-16 *Audited Financials TBA

1/30/18 Virtus Unaudited Financials 8-31-16 *Audited Financials TBA

1/30/18 Virtus Unaudited Financials 5-31-16 *Audited Financials TBA

7/24/17 VOIL Announces Favorable Court Ruling

6/28/17 Virtus Oil Announces First Revenue

4/13/17    Update on Workovers and Investor Presentation

3/21/17     Purchase of San Juan Properties

2/22/17    Virtus Oil Announces Letter of Intent to Acquire Assets

2/2/17    Virtus Oil Announces New Board Members and Management

Company Presentations

April 2017 Investor Presentation

Virtus Oil April 2017 Investor Presentation


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